How to cook quail eggs?

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We have listed various fancy quail and quail egg recipes here on quail farm, but left one of the most important basic recipe out... how to boil quail eggs? It seems so simple that no one even thinks about writing it down and yet it’s very much important if you want to make that perfect meal. It's all about timing folks.

Depending on what you want to do with your boiled quail eggs here is how to boil them:

Boiled for 2 minutes

 - If you boil the quail eggs for 2 minutes, the white will be partially soft and the yolk will be completely runny.

Quail egg boiled for 2 minutes

Boiled for 2.5 minutes

 - Boiling the quail egg for 2.5 minutes will make the a classic soft boiled egg with set white and thick and runny yolk.

Quail egg boiled for 2.5 minutes

Boiled for 3 minutes

 - 3 minutes of boiling will lead to a medium boiled egg state which means the yolk will be mostly set with a little soft patch in the middle.

Quail egg boiled for 3 minutes

Boiled for 4 minutes

 - Leaving the egg in boiling water for 4 minutes or more will make it hard boiled with a completely set yolk.

Quail egg boiled for 4 minutes

Here are the basics how to boil quail eggs:

Fill a suitable size saucepan abouth two thirds full with water and bring to boil. I normally boil the water in the cettle first, it saves a bit of time. Wen the water is boiling add the quail eggs with a spoon gently to prevent cracking of the egg shell.
Boil the eggs as long as you prefer according to your taste, then place the saucepan under running cold water to cool the eggs down. Peel when cold but do it carefully, they’re only tiny little things.

Enjoy this delicious and very healthy food on their own, in salads, or use them as an ingredient to a more complex recipe.

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