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Brown Quail – Coturnix Ypsilophora

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The Brown Quail, also known as Swamp Quail has 9 subspecies and all the 9 of them live in different areas of Indonesia, in the triangle of Australia and New Zealand. 

You’ll find them at various altitudes all the way up to even 11,200 Feet (3700) meters above sea level.

Their 9 subspecies are as follows:

Brown Quail or Swamp Quail

·         Coturnix Ypsilophora Australis

·         Coturnix Ypsilophora Dogwa

·         Coturnix Ypsilophora Mafulu

·         Coturnix Ypsilophora Monticola

·         Coturnix Ypsilophora Pallidior

·         Coturnix Ypsilophora Plumbea

·         Coturnix Ypsilophora Raaltenii

·         Coturnix Ypsilophora Saturatior

·         Coturnix Ypsilophora Ypsilophora


They’re most likely to be found in wet grasslands, shrubby fields and agricultural areas. They like naturally wet areas, but they also make sure to avoid where floods are likely to come. The Brown Quail of New Zealand loves salt marshes and the New Guinea breed feels good at very high altitudes.

Their nest is a shallow hole scraped into the ground which is then filled with various vegetation then they build a partial dome above it too. The ones live in Australia will lay 7-12 eggs while the ones in New Guinea lay only 4-6 eggs which they incubate for 21-22 days. Their eggs can vary from light blue through yellow to greenish colour with some light brown patches on them but also can come without any patches. The Brown Quail is capable of raising 2, 3 in rare occasions even 4 batches of chicks in a season.

They feed on various seeds, small invertebrates and small reptiles. 

The habitat of the Brown Quail

Australian Brown QuailWatch this short video below about the brown quail in its natural habitat


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